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“I love the mentoring program at Tech Generation. Many classes leave you with little direction after taking the course, but this program helps you clarify the concepts learned and build confidence.”


“I took QA courses at Tech Generation. I liked the program and all of the instructors/mentors including Nauman, Soban, Asad, and Meraj. They are willing to go out of their way to help you in every aspect of your career goals. I got hands-on experience through this program that built my confidence and allowed me to get accustomed to daily routine of QA Analyst. Overall, incredible experience, incredible institute, incredible people.”


“Tech Generation helped me work up to my full potential. I was clueless about IT when I started. After taking the class and working with the mentors, I was fully supported through placement and landing the job I have today!”


“Another name for Tech Generation would be opportunity. I went in with absolutely no experience in the field of IT and took a class here. My potential was recognized and I was offered a job within the actual company immediately.”


“It has been a privilege and a pleasure learning from the mentors as well as collaborating with the team on our assignments. The knowledge taught is truly invaluable and cannot be matched elsewhere. For that, I am grateful and I look forward to taking more classes in the future such as SQL or Selenium Automation if needed. I had a great time learning something new every week.”


“I love the classes at Tech Generation. The class structure is great! We are big on teamwork and are never left alone to struggle. The course instructors always have real experience in the field and are able to teach us useful information.”


“The classes offered at Tech Generation are great! You can tell that all the instructors are chosen mindfully. They have an ample amount of knowledge on the subject area and are passionate about teaching.”


“I feel that I have gained much more confidence in myself. The mentors’ questions gave a well-rounded answer on what I should expect in an actual interview. It was great being part of such a great organization. I loved how every one of us were able to make family like connections with each other.”


“QA(Advance) Mentoring classes have been helpful in relating what we learned in class to practical scenarios. All the instructors have unique styles of teaching and are helpful to get different insights in understanding the concepts better. I look forward to attending more of the mentoring sessions.”


“Tech Generation has a great vibe. I look forward going there on the weekend! The people are so nice and the actual institute is very nice on the eyes. It is truly a place where instructors turn their students’ passion to learn a skillset fit for success.”



135 W Central Rd, Schaumburg,
IL 60195, USA